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Cancellation Policy

All Wendigo subscription box purchases are final and nonrefundable. That said, customers on our Monthly and 3-Month plans can cancel their subscription(s) at any time before their next renewal date to prevent the subscription from renewing. There is no cancellation fee.


Renewal Date:

Billing date

All plans ship monthly on the 15th and are billed monthly on the 18th. Your first renewal will not be made on the 18th if you placed your initial order within the previous 15 days. For example, if you initially subscribe to your plan on the 4th, which is 14 days from the 18th, you will not be rebilled until the 18th of the following month. If you purchase your plan on the 2nd, which is 16 days from the 18th, you will be rebilled on the 18th of that same month.


The renewal date is not necessarily the same as the billing date

All plans are billed monthly, but the renewal date depends on the specific plan a user is subscribed to. For example, Monthly plans renew every month, while 3 Month plans renew every 3 months, even though both plans are billed monthly.

If you are unsure when your next renewal date is, please check by logging in to your account or by sending an email to and we can look into this for you!

If you need to create an account, please visit this page and sign up using the same email you used when you purchased your subscription.


Minimum Order Commitments: 

Customers on our subscription plans are subject to their respective commitments.

Monthly Plans do not include a commitment and can be cancelled at any time before their renewal date. If they are not cancelled, Monthly Plans will renew automatically for a maximum 6 months before automatically cancelling.

3 Month subscription plans include a 3 month commitment and will be billed each month for 3 months. 3 Month subscription plans can be cancelled to prevent renewal before their renewal date. When you renew a 3 Month plan, you are committing to to another 3 Month plan and will receive a total of 3 more boxes. 3 Month plans will renew only once, for a total of 6 boxes received. On their second renewal date, 3 month plans will automatically cancel.

6 Month subscription plans include a 6 month commitment and will be billed each month for 6 months. 6 Month subscription plans do not renew and therefore cannot be canceled. 

Under certain circumstances, we can cancel 3 Month and 6 Month plans or shift these to a Monthly Plan if the first box has not yet been shipped. If you made a mistake during checkout or have a sudden change of heart, please send an email to right away and we’ll absolutely do our best to accommodate a change, if possible, before your boxes enter the fulfillment process. Once your order has entered the fulfillment process, it is considered final and is subject to the minimum order commitment term that you signed up for at checkout.


Canceling a Subscription:

If you would like to CANCEL (prevent the renewal of) your subscription, you can do so by logging in to your Account, or by sending an email to our Support Team at

If you need to create an account, please visit this page and sign up using the same email you used when you purchased your subscription.


Replacing Damaged Boxes:

In the case where items in your subscription box arrive damaged, we can ship you a replacement for damaged items at no charge. Please send us an email at and we will do our best to solve the issue!